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Guowang Cable Group was selected into Henan Smart Factory in 2023


The office of the Henan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology issued the<Notice on the list of smart workshops and smart factories in Henan Province in 2023> . The “Special Wire and Cable Manufacturing of Smart Factory” of Henan Guowang Cable Group Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Guowang Cable Group”) was successfully selected.



It is reported that smart factories is a modern factory that uses technologies to achieve efficient, flexible and sustainable, such as digitalization, automation, digital twin and so on.

Smart factory achieves intelligent production, intelligent scheduling, intelligent quality, intelligent maintenance and other functions, through the Internet of Things technology, big data analysis, cloud platform and other means. It connects the production process and the supply chain of all aspects, improving production efficiency and product quality, reducing resource waste and environmental pollution, improving enterprise competitiveness and market share

In recent years, the Guowang Cable Group has embarked on a unique development path, through exploration and innovation. At present, there are about 330,000 square meters of intelligent manufacturing bases. Through the intelligent production and precise customization services, we  achieve the integration of innovative chain, industrial chain, service chain, and supply chain.




The “Special Wire and Cable Manufacturing of Smart Factory” of the Guowang Cable Group realized the safe and reliable application of information infrastructure, widespread application of intelligent equipment, interconnection of workshop equipment, intelligent operation of production lines, real-time dispatching of production processes, materials delivery automation and product quality information traced, through developed new processes and introduced new equipment, which greatly improves efficiency and quality.




“Special Wire and Cable Manufacturing of Smart Factory” of Guowang Cable Group uses advanced production equipment and technologies while achieving intelligent production. At the same time, Guowang Cable Group pays great attention to the absorption and cultivation of talents to create a high-tech level, a spirit of pioneering and innovation, the scientific and technological talent team. At present, the company has more than 30 invention patents, and has passed the identification of “High-Tech Enterprises” and “Specialized New Enterprises”.


As a supplier who forges ahead and dares to be the first for Solution of Special Wire and Cable. Guowang Cable Group has won market trust with the brand quality of “Leading High Standards in the Industry and Ensuring Electricity Safety Used”.

In the future, the Guowang Cable Group will continue to implement the concept of innovative development, strengthen technology research and development, promote intelligent manufacturing, improve production efficiency and reduce costs, and provide customers with high quality products and services. Guowang Cable Group will unswervingly follow the path of innovation-driven development and make greater contributions to the sustainable development of the wire and cable industry.

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