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Scientific innovation Never stop | Many projects of Guowang Cable Group are recognized as scientific and technological achievements


The projects of Guowang Cable Group, such as “A kind of aluminum alloy flexible mineral insulated fireproof cable”, “An environment-friendly lightweight cable for rat and ant prevention”, “The development of a super-strong tensile and torsion resistant power cable”, “A high-strength low-temperature resistant control cable research”, were approved by the Department of Science and Technology of Henan Province, and were identified as scientific and technological achievements, and were issued certificates of scientific and technological achievements.





Guowang Cable Group, as a company focusing on cable production, has always taken “innovative technology +, continuous improvement +” as the company’s business philosophy. The company has invested a lot of research and development funds, established a professional research and development team, and has always been committed to innovative technology research and development, promoting the innovation and development of enterprises.

Through the introduction of automated control systems and robot technologies, the company has successfully realized the intelligentization and automation of the cable production process. Compared with traditional manual operation, this highly automated production method not only reduces labor costs, but also greatly improves production efficiency.


The company also uses the Internet of Things(IOT) technology to achieve real-time monitoring and management of the production process, accurately grasp the production schedule, and timely adjustment and optimization, improving the operating efficiency of the production line. This advanced production technology allows the company to better meet market demand, improve the speed and quality of product delivery, and further consolidate its market position.

In terms of environmental protection, Guowang Cable Group has also been adhering to the concept of “green cable(ecological materials)” and is committed to reducing its impact on the environment.



In addition to product and production process innovation, Guowang Cable Group also actively promotes the combination of technology and industry. The company has established cooperative relations with a number of scientific research institutions and universities to jointly carry out scientific research projects. Through in-depth exchanges and cooperation with experts, we can not only understand the latest technological trends, but also apply them to practice in a timely manner. This close combination of scientific research and industry makes the company constantly at the forefront of the industry.


In the future, the Guowang Cable Group will continue to uphold the concept of scientific and technological innovation and promote the integration of science and technology and industry. We will continue to increase investment in scientific research and launch more leading products. At the same time, the production process will be continuously improved to enhance production efficiency and quality. We firmly believe that science and technology is the core driving force to promote the sustainable development of enterprises. Only by continuous innovation can we win the trust of customers in the fierce market competition.

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