Photovoltaic Solar PV Cable
Photovoltaic Solar PV Cable
Photovoltaic Solar PV Cable
Main Cable H1Z2Z2-K / PV1-F
Voltage: 1000V AC, or 1500V DC
Structure Conductor Tinned Copper
Cross-sectional area 2.5mm²/4mm²/6mm²/10mm²
Insulation Low smoke halogen-free (LSHF), XLPO
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Solar cable is a special cable used in photovoltaic systems or solar systems. The solar cables used to connect the equipment of outdoor photovoltaic installations are usually direct current cables. Instead, AC cables can be used for connecting transmission and distribution equipment in buildings in photovoltaic energy systems.
Guowang Cable Group offers various types of photovoltaic cables such as H1Z2Z2 K solar cable, 4mm2 solar cable, 6mm2 solar cable, 16mm2 solar cable, etc. Guowang Cable Group can also offerother sizes of solar cables are needed.
Guowang cable for solar panels has superior resistance to UV rays, heat, cold, ozone, hydrolysis, acid and salt corrosion, as well as external mechanical forces. In addition, it is made with halogen-free, low-smoke flame retardant materials for greater safety.

Main Types of Solar Cables

PV Cable for Solar Panels H1Z2Z2-K / PV1-F
solar cable

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H1Z2Z2 K/PV1-F solar panel cables are generally used for the transmission of electricity between the strings of the photovoltaic system and from the panels to the power converters. This cable is of simple construction and uses insulating materials with excellent resistance to heat, cold, oil and ultraviolet light. Therefore, it can be used for long periods in adverse environmental conditions.


Solar cables can also be placed in tubes. Using component brackets as conduit for fixing and routing PV cables can reduce the influence of environmental factors.

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Armored Fireproof Cable
armoured fireproof cable

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Cross-linked armored flame retardant cable is mainly used for connection of busbar to DC cabinet, DC cabinet to inverter and inverter to transformer. It is also used for connections from transformers to distribution units and from distribution units to the electrical grid.


Guowang Cable flame retardant armored cables for photovoltaic power systems have high mechanical strength, good resistance to environmental stress and good resistance to thermal aging. This easy-to-use photovoltaic cable is temperature resistant up to 90°C. It is characterized by its low losses, its resistance to chemicals and its unrestricted installation.

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XLPE Insulated Fire Resistant Cable
Fire Resistant Cable

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XLPE insulated fire resistant cables are suitable for rated voltages of 0.6/1kV in solar system. They have a long-term permissible working temperature of 80°C. It does not require preheating when placed at an ambient temperature of not less than 0°C. The placement of the solar photovoltaic cable is not limited by height.


Guowang Cable fire resistant cables are used in applications where fire resistance is required. They can be placed indoors, in tunnels and in ducts. With the addition of a layer of armor, they can be placed directly on the ground.

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PVC Insulated Shielded Control Cable
Control Cable

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Control cables with braided shielding and PVC insulation are suitable for control and monitoring circuits and protection lines with a nominal voltage of 450/750 V AC and below in the photovoltaic system.


The allowable long-term operating temperature for this electrical flexible cable is 70°C. The minimum radius of curvature is not less than 6 times the outer diameter. It is generally placed indoors, in trenches, in pipes and other fixed locations where shielding and fireproofing are required.

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Guowang Cable Group offers special cables for photovoltaic systems in accordance with EN 50618 , UL 4703 and IEC 62930 standards .


TYPE CrossSection Conductor Structure ConductorDiameter OuterDiameter Conductor Resistance Rated Voltage Rated Current
mm² No.OD (mm) mm mm Ω/Km V AC/DC A
1 2.5 49/0.25 2 5.2 8.21 5/9 30
1 4 56/0.30 2.6 6.2 5.09 5/9 50
1 6 84/0.30 3.3 7.2 3.39 5/9 70
1 10 74/0.40 4.4 8.3 2.12 5/9 95
2 2.5 49/0.25 2 6.2*9.90 8.06 5/9 30
2 4 56/0.30 2.6 6.9*11.30 4.97 5/9 50
2 6 84/0.30 3.3 7.1*14.50 3.52 5/9 70


TYPE CrossSection Conductor Structure ConductorDiameter OuterDiameter Conductor Resistance Rated Voltage Rated Current
mm² No.OD (mm) mm mm Ω/Km V AC/DC A
1 2.5 49/0.25 2 5.2 8.21 5/9 30
1 4 56/0.30 2.6 6.2 5.09 5/9 50
1 6 84/0.30 3.3 7.2 3.39 5/9 70
1 10 74/0.40 4.4 8.3 2.12 5/9 95
2 2.5 49/0.25 2 6.2*9.90 8.06 5/9 30
2 4 56/0.30 2.6 6.9*11.30 4.97 5/9 50
2 6 84/0.30 3.3 7.1*14.50 3.52 5/9 70
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Guowang Cable Group Solar Cable Testing

To ensure the performance of solar cables, Guowang Cable Group products have undergone several rigorous tests. This provides a solid foundation for the high quality of solar panel cables.

Performance Testing of Solar Cable Conductors

The main tests in this phase are the DC resistance of the conductor, the insulation resistance and the pressure resistance. Each of these tests is very important.

The resistance of the conductor directly reflects the electrical transmission performance of the cable. It also indirectly affects the temperature, service life, voltage drop and operational safety of the PV system cable. It mainly checks the material and cross-sectional area of ​​the electricity conductor .

Both insulation resistance and pressure resistance test the electrical insulation properties of the insulation and the cover layer.

Testing the Mechanical Properties of Photovoltaic Cables

The main objective of these performance tests is to check the tensile strength and elongation at break of plastic insulation and coating materials. It mainly consists of load-bearing bending and fracture tests on finished cables . These tests require that the materials used for the solar cables have sufficient tensile strength and must also be flexible.

Insulation and Coating Performance Testing

These tests examine thermal weight loss, thermal shock, high temperature pressure, low temperature bending, low temperature stretching, low temperature impact, and flame retardancy of solar cables. The fire resistance of the cable for solar panels is very important. The test to verify this performance is the flame test, in which the finished cable is lit with a special flame for a certain period of time and the cable is checked after the flame has been extinguished.

Guowang Cable Group Perfect Service

Consulting Program Service

We offer free consultation and free cable engineering solutions. You can ask us any questions about the cable. The company has perfect management of pre-sales and after-sales technical support. It has high-quality cable technology equipment.

Rapid Transportation Service

We have a stable and cooperative transportation department to ensure the efficient and fast delivery of our cables. If you have special shipping requirements, we will customize the shipping method that suits you best.

Regular After-sales Service

When our quality cable reaches the destination, we will provide you with after-sales service. We guarantee that your cable will last a long time.

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